Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador means you are about everything CHEERFIT embodies- confidence, motivation, support, encouragement, community, and empowerment… and together with our CHEERFIT Ambassadors, our goal is to share this message with the WORLD! We are here to empower others to join the movement and inspire others through our own CHEERFIT journeys.

Want to become a CHEERFIT Ambassador? Join the Club and start your CHEERFIT journey today! 

In order to become a CHEERFIT Ambassador, you must first join the CHEERFIT Club.

From the moment you join the CHEERFIT family, you’ll be connected to a powerful community and network. As you continue your journey with CHEERFIT, you’ll be welcomed into the Ambassador community with many exciting opportunities along the way!

Be motivated, supported and encouraged to reach your goals from fellow Ambassadors around the world.


Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador means you that you are an inspiration to your team, a leader in your community, and a true motivation for others. A CHEERFIT Ambassador is someone who:

  • Embodies everything CHEERFIT Stands for -confidence, motivation, support, encouragement, community, and empowerment
  • Is a true leader to their team and motivator in their community
  • Is passionate about cheer and fitness and dedicated to reaching their goals
  • Is great at social media and will post their fitness journey, CHEERFIT workouts, and motivation tips to inspire others to get #cheerfitstrong
  • Knows and believes in the CHEERFITmission – doing their part to stay positive, motivated, and dedicated to raising awareness that cheerleaders need fitness

In order to apply to become a CHEERFIT Ambassador, you must be part of the CHEERFIT Club – congratulations on making it to step 1! If you think you have what it takes and are ready to begin the next steps of your CHEERFIT journey we invite you to apply.

  • Once you apply (application above), your application will be considered for approval.
  • If approved you will receive a congratulations email notification and begin your CHEERFIT journey
  • Along your journey, you’ll be invited to advance your status level from CHEERFIT Ambassador to CHEERFIT Ambassador Elite and beyond

Through your CHEERFIT Ambassador journey, you will be motivated, supported, and encouraged to reach your goals within an amazing community of ambassadors, with people from all over the world – just like you! Your journey begins as an Ambassador, and as your CHEERFIT experience continues, so will your Ambassador status.


From the moment you join the CHEERFIT Ambassador family, you’ll be connected to a powerful community and network of cheerleaders and parents – just like you.

  • CHEERFIT Ambassador apparel and swag
  • Access to exclusive CHEERFIT material
  • Create a positive change in your cheer community
  • Develop leadership skills and training/opportunities to add to your college application
  • Collaborate with other Ambassadors, affiliates, and cheerleaders
  • Social media features, website features, and model opportunities

Be sure to rock your title with pride – add it to your social media bio and share your featured image to announce that you are an official CHEERFIT Ambassador.


Unlike other Ambassador programs, you are NOT required to have to post a certain amount of times nor share specific content. The main goal is to inspire others through your CHEERFIT journey – in any way that works best for you (inspiring a teammate, sharing a smile, posting a workout video, etc…)

  • Complete the application
  • Email us your photo to [email protected]
  • Share your photo on Insta’ @cheerfittraining and #cheerfitambassador to let us know you applied

You must first join the CHEERFIT Club – if you are loving the Club, workouts, and motivation, and want to inspire others through your CHEERFIT journey – being an Ambassador is for you!

Step 1: Join the Club (click here)

Step 2: 1 month in – you’ll be selected to become an Ambassador

Step 3: Once you activate your Ambassador status, the opportunities are endless . . .

Step 4: Enjoy & inspire others


We are proud to have Ambassadors who share our same passion across the world. We are getting CHEERFIT Strong across the world: United States, Australia, Italy, England, Ireland, Canada, China, France, Japan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and growing quickly!