Analla Moore

Ambassador Since May 2016


Favorite Quote

#GEM (Get Fit, Eat Healthy, & Move)

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Instagram @ thefitkidjourney

What works best for me in spreading the CHEERFIT Lifestyle is by Leading by Example! I have always been known as “The Fit Kid” since 7 yrs old, I have always loved to practice yoga, meditate, work out and monitor my eating so it comes naturally for me.  With so much illness in the world, Health & Fitness is something we should all take an interest in especially as children, because we will continue to use it as we grow older.  To inspire others I use my term “G.E.M” (Get Fit, Eat Healthy, & Move) WE also have to sometimes take it a step further and not only be aware of fitness but to also be mindful of what we put in and on our bodies because that really matters too.  We have to fully love ourselves and others unconditionally and thats one of the first steps to start a fitness journey.

What is your favorite part about being a CHEERFIT Ambassador?

My Favorite part of being a CheerFit Ambassador is getting to meet cheerleaders, athletes, and ambassadors from around the world.  During cheer competition season I enjoy linking up with CheerFit Founder Danielle and we spread awareness together that #CheerleadersNeedFitness.  Lastly in the warmer months I enjoy the workouts that CheerFit host.  

Since becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador, what changes have you noticed?

Since becoming a CheerFit Ambassador my confidence level has drastically increased.  I’m more social and I truly enjoy being an inspiration to others.  When I put on my CheerFit gear I feel like Im about to make a BIG difference in the world.  My fitness level has definitely increased this season and I’m a much stronger cheerleader in all areas on the mat.

What would you like to tell other people who want to become an ambassador?

What I tell people all the time is to “Just Do it” CheerFit is what you make of it.  You definitely have to want it. It also helps if you stay actively involved in order to reap the full benefits of everything the community has to offer.  CheerFit is also still fairly new but definitely on the rise and I’m just excited for what the future may bring.

What new opportunities has being a CHEERFIT Ambassador opened up for you?

Since becoming a CheerFit Ambassador it has allowed me to spread awareness about fitness to so many people.  Because of CheerFit I am building everlasting memories with athletes from all over the world.  Being an ambassador has inspired me to stay active on my social media which in turn has opened up a few doors from photographers, local vendors, sponsors and cheer enthusiast who just enjoy my journey.  Because of CheerFit I am motivated to get started on my plans of starting a Non-Profit organization inspiring kids of all ages to “G.E.M” (Get Fit, Eat Healthy & Move.)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to add that I’m super excited to see what’s up and coming for CheerFit and I’m just happy to be apart of the CheerFit Family.

If you could describe CHEERFIT in one word, what would it be?  

One word to describe CheerFit would be… “INSPIRING”