Our community makes bold and courageous moves, takes action on long-held dreams and lives lives they once only imagined. Learn how being a CHEERFIT Ambassador helped transform lives, reach goals, and build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Curious what might be in store for you?

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Making Moves with CHEERFIT

Today we get to share the Transformation story of Mariah Hutton, one spunky, sassy, and all around awesome CHEERFIT Ambassador who even on her off days is working hard! We are thrilled to share Mariah's transformation story both in and outside the gym....

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Madison Dorph

“Earn the Trophy at the Gym and Pick it Up at the Competition” CHEERFIT AMBASSADOR FEATURE: MADISON DORPH The CHEERFIT ambassador community is filled with leaders and motivators who all share a passion for fitness, love for cheering and drive to help inspire others....


The CHEERFIT Ambassador community is filled with leaders and motivators who all share a passion for fitness, love for cheering and drive to help inspire others. Each week, our ambassadors share with us their personal stories and obstacles they overcome along the way.

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What is it like to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador?

Our CHEERFIT Ambassadors are a group of amazing athletes, coaches, parents and fitness enthusiasts who all share one passion in common – fitness. They understand fitness is powerful. Fitness helps us achieve goals we never even thought possible. Fitness motivates us and encourages us. Fitness gives us the confidence to step outside our comfort zone and be the best version of our selves.

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Since becoming a CHEERFIT ambassador I have been able to meet cheerleaders from around the world and make many new friends!


My favorite part of being a CHEERFIT ambassador is not just the great workout that make me stronger physically but also the community that helps and motivates me in my hard times and cheers me on in all my accomplishments!!


I love being a part of @cheerfittraining because I love how the workouts keep me active and they are fun! They’re also good workouts for me and my mom to do together! I love how positive the CHEERFIT community is and how they not only inspire but empower young girls like myself 😉💖💜🏋


Skylar Lavian

“I love the CHEERFIT Community and being an Ambassador! The community and workouts have helped me tremendously and have really helped me push through my mental block…”  [Read More]


“I love CHEERFIT because the CHEERFIT workout videos help me become me confident and strong! I am proud to say that with the help of CHEERFIT I found the confidence and strength to BEAT MY MENTAL BLOCK…”  [Read More]


“CHEERFIT has motivated me and inspired me to work through my injury and focus on what I CAN do. I was able to work on the core and stretching workouts and because of that… I got my needle…”  [Read More]

Hi! I’m Emma and my daughter Lyla is absolutely loving the CHEERFIT Workouts..she is even asking to do them daily! We love being part of the CHEERFIT community. Thank you CHEERFIT for inspiring and motivating her to get #cheerfitstrong!

Emma Malkin

Since starting @cheerfittraining I have improved on my jumps, tumbling skills & gained more confidence!


One word to describe my CHEERFIT experience is motivation. CHEERFIT has helped me overcome my mental block and motivated me to go on to the next level.


My daughter absolutely loves being a CHEERFIT Ambassador! She really enjoys the workouts and has improved so much in her flying skills and jumps! Thank you for providing such a positive group for cheerleaders!

James Bales III


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