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You guys are awesome and we are very grateful to be part of the CHEERFIT Ambassador Fam’. Your program has been so helpful for my daughter – so inspirational and positive! Because of CHEERFIT, my daughter is reaching new goals that she never would have gotten without the help and support of CHEERFIT!

- Carrie Root & KaeKae

Ambassador since July, 2017

I want to say thank you to CHEERFIT founder, Danielle Donovan… CHEERFIT has helped me get in shape this season and I am living my dream, about to go to Worlds. I am so grateful to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador

- @cheerangel1217

Ambassador since August, 2016

CHEERFIT has been so instrumental in molding my daughter into a better cheerleader. Since joining this phenomenal movement, she has become more motivated than ever! She is always looking for new and fun ways to incorporate CHEERFIT into every day life and is always so proud to post and tag @cheerfittraining ! The support and encouragement we have BOTH received is indescribable! We love CHEERFIT and are so thankful to be part of the CHEERFIT family!

- Laila Abdeldayem

CHEERFIT Mom since July, 2017

Before @cheerfittraining I was just a cheerleader working towards my goals, but when I became a CHEERFIT Ambassador, I was instantly connected to everything I needed to reach my goals – both mentally and physically! Thank you CHEERFIT for all your love and support – I am proud to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador.

- @the_official_jbaby

Ambassador since September, 2016

My former level 6 power tumbler, who has struggled through her injury after injury the past 3 years, has her groove back! This is just one of her skills that is strong again. I credit Danielle and CHEERFIT along with her amazing coaches and CHEERFIT family for helping her find her fire again!

- Julie Visco Barbara

CHEERFIT Mom since January 2018

When others ask me about becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador, I tell them to GO FOR IT! Everything about CHEERFIT from the community to the workouts are out of this world amazing! Since becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador, I’ve reached so many new goals and made so many new friends.

- @alexa_grace_cheer

Ambassador since November, 2017

Since my daughter has been part of CHEERFIT she has improved so much. Not only in flexibility and fitness but in mentality. She realized that keeping fit is key. It has also been amazing to use during her injury, adapting with a cast. I love CHEERFIT, my daughter feels part of a family and has even met up with other ambassadors at competitions.

- Stacey Crook

CHEERFIT Mom since December 2017

What I love most about being a CHEERFIT ambassador is all the friends I have made and the workouts that are available to get new skills and push through my mental blocks.

- @kayleesheree_official

Ambassador since August, 2017

So proud to have my daughter part of the CHEERFIT Ambassador Team! She is always logging into the CLUB to get workouts for her flexibility and core strength with CHEERFIT. We couldn’t be more thankful how the program has helped her with confidence and strength!

- Keisaleez Grisales

CHEERFIT mom since November 2016

After my CHEERFIT workouts, I feel like I can take on the world!!! 🌎🌎

- @jerseytumblecheersisters

CHEERFIT is so amazing! My daughter has gotten so much positive encouragement! The weekly CHEERFIT challenges are great, contests, perks, building self esteem, and so much more make being an Ambassador amazing! I truly recommend it to all cheerleaders and parents out there.

- Tara Coons-Hulett

CHEERFIT mom since July 2016

My favorite part about being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is the community. We are like a family and they are so supportive. I also love all of the amazing workouts that help me be #cheerfitstrong!! 💪

- @kate_wfas

My favorite part of being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is the confidence I am gaining from their amazing workouts! It is really helping me out with everything!

- @kaylanicole1016

I would tell anyone interested in becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador that it is the best decision you will make! The motivation and support from not only Danielle but your fellow CHEERFIT Ambassadors is amazing, they build you up so much. The CHEERFIT workouts get you so pumped up and feeling great! There is a workout, a plan, etc. for anything you may want to work on, jumps, techniques, flyer skills you name it! #iamcheerfitstrong 💪🏼

- @savannahskye911

Ambassador since July, 2017

Best program I have ever invested in! Danielle is amazing and so is the CHEERFIT community!

- Enid Snider

CHEERFIT Mom since April, 2017