30-Minute Total-Body CHEERFIT Workout

“Shake your poms with @cheerfittraining founder Danielle Donovan. Work out like a cheerleader with this fun, high energy class. 💦💪” Workout with us

Love ‘Cheer’ on Netflix? Try This Cheerleader-Inspired Workout You Can Do at Home

“Each exercise of this workout is designed to work the muscles cheerleaders need to keep fit and prevent injury.” Read more

Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast Ep. 67 

“Danielle Donovan talks turning challenges into opportunities, surrounding yourself with positive people, and inspiring motivation.” Tune in on Episode 67 to Learn More!

Hottest New Fitness Trends 

“Raina Seitel tries out two new fitness trends that are changing the game when it comes to workouts”. Read More

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There is now this new awesome class in NY where you can make that dream of being a cheerleader come through during a work-out class!

Pom-poms Are a Requirement at This Cheerleading-Inspired Bootcamp

“It’s a bootcamp class,” Danielle Wechsler, the founder of CheerFIT told the Observer. “It’s cheer inspired, and it focuses on stability, cardio, strength training, abs and flexibility.” Read More

When an Anti-Cheerleader Goes to Cheer Boot Camp 

“Oh yeah, this’ll be easy.” Famous last words. Just under 20 minutes in and with 40 to go, I was red-faced, out of water and dripping sweat onto the mat.I considered myself fairly in shape before this class—I spin regularly—but it turns out, I am not. Do I have a begrudging new respect for cheerleaders? You bet. Read More

Live out your cheerleader dreams at this new workout

Contrary to stereotypes, cheerleading “isn’t just standing on the sidelines with short skirts and pompoms,” says Wechsler, who cheered at Syracuse University from 2005 to 2009. There’s sweating, grunting and the sound of pompoms shaking  Read More

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Get in top cheer shape with the hottest new workout around

Help us find the next big wellness company!

Need proof that we’re in the golden age of wellness? Look no further than the brilliant start-ups and entrepreneurs who entered FounderMade’s The Future of Wellness Challenge. The Shark Tank-style contest offers one lucky health or fitness innovator a serious vitality shot (not the juice kind) with a cash prize and investment opportunity, free office space, pro guidance, and more.  Read More

Athleta Now Has Free Fitness Classes Under Its Flatiron Store

Next time you shop at Athleta’s Flatiron store, you can test out your new activewear as soon as it’s purchased. That’s because the Gap-backed brand has just debuted a fitness studio in the basement, featuring your favorite cheerFIT Bootamp. Read More

Healthline The Health Benefits of Cheerleading “From core strength for stunting to powering every muscle in your body for tumbling, cheerleaders are the strongest athletes around,” claims Danielle Wechsler, founder of cheerFIT Training. She estimates that each cheer practice burns 600 calories. Read More
Mind Body Green A Strengthening Pom Pom Workout To Channel Your Inner Cheerleader! Many people quit their fitness routines because they’re simply not fun. Let’s face it, running on the treadmill to nowhere for an hour is boring! So let’s change that, shall we?  Read More
FITNESS Magazine ‘In Good Spirits’ –  Fun new cheerleading workouts blend A-game moves with allover burning and firming. You’ll have a blast and get varsity-level results. Don’t forget your pom poms! Read More pg. 32
cheerFIT Pep Rally at Athletea UESCheerFIT pep rally is when superhuman trainer Danielle takes her face paced, high intensity workout out of Power Studios, and to Athleta for everyone to try, for free. For those of you who haven’t experienced CheerFIT for yourself, or read my review. Read more
Rah Rah Routines & cheerFIT Announce Partnership Small businesses focus on opportunities to enhance the cheerleading and fitness industriesRah Rah Routines and cheerFIT today announced a working relationship at various events and with programming, combining their expertise of cheerleading and fitness to offer individuals and teams a wider range of services and unique experiences. These services offer a complete solution to help athletes and teams take it to the next level.
Rah Rah cheerFIT Press Release.pdf
Nationally Spirited The 3 Secrets Behind Better Stunting, Tumbling & Building Endurance As a former D1 cheerleader, current personal trainer to the pros, and founder of cheerFIT, Danielle has a few secrets to help your team take it to the next level! Read More
American Cheerleader cheerFIT challenge: Get Fit to Compete You only have one shot to show the judges what you’ve got, but don’t sweat it because Danielle Wechsler, founder of cheerFIT, has put together an exclusive program for American Cheerleader. Read More
Women’s Health The Playlist That’ll Put a Pep in Your Workout We’re all about working out for pleasure, but there are some days when you’d simply rather sit on the couch than break a sweat. One way to ensure exercise is definitely fun and appealing? Do it with pom-poms in hand. Read More
Burn This Cheerfit POP-UP PEP RALLIES AND BOOTCAMP  Pep Rallies start off with our signature workout, cheerFIT Bootcamp – a high energy, yet intense workout fused with cardio intervals, body weight circuits and cheer inspired exercises. Read More
Alumni Cheerleaders CheerFIT Fitness Tips Get ready to crank up the calorie burn and sculpt the body of a cheerleader with cheerFIT’s fit tips and exercise combos! Read More
Racked This Cheerleading Workout Lets You Live Out Your High School Dreams Cheer cardio is just one of a slew of new fitness trends to incorporate novel activities-affirmation shouting, super sexy dancing-thy fool you into burning calories. Read More
Everyday Health 4 Energy-Boosting Moves to Power You Through the Holidays Here, top fitness experts share their favorite energizing, time-saving exercises that you can do with a friend, alone at the gym, or in the comfort of your own home to help you stay in shape during the holidays ahead.Read More
The Fit Crasher NYC: Cheerleading Inspired cheerFIT Workout The emphasis is on going the strength and flexibility needed to get in shape and stay injury free, whether on the field or in the gym. Read More
Fit Bottomed Mamas 10 Cheer Moves for a 10-Minute Workout Do each move for a minute and you’ll be worked out from head to toe in no time. Not peppy? No worries! Read More
Burn This Exercise Like an NFL Cheerleader Football season is just around the corner, and this year football players aren’t the only ones who are focused on getting their bod’ “game ready”. Read More

Well & Good NYC How to Workout Like an NFL Cheerleader Cheerleaders have to be in serious shape to execute their routines, says Gotham City Cheerleaders trainer Danielle Wechsler. (Her squad cheers for the New York Giants.)  Click to View Artcile

MUSCLE & FITNESS HERS Bootcamp with Trainer Danielle Wechsler Trainer Danielle Wechsler puts the Gotham City Cheerleaders through her intense cheerFIT bootcamp. Read More
CHEER MASHUP®  Cheer Mashup® produced by the Cheer Channel® is hosted by world champion, Maddie Gardner. Maddie invites cheer fitness expert, Danielle Wechsler to give holiday tips for staying in shape. Check out cheerFIT Fit Tips begin at 0.59 mark
My Own Balance Friday’s Food & Fitness: Food Mishmash + cheerFIT Last week I had the opportunity to attend a bootcamp with cheerFIT.  You guys, this workout is SO MUCH fun! Learn more here.
AMERICAN CHEERLEADER What To Eat and When to Eat It While at Cheer Camp Summer Issue pg. 58-59