noun. [cheer-fit-am-bass-a-dor]


1. a leader, an inspiration, a motivation, a role model. 

2. a person who loves all things cheer and fitness, and wants to continue to lead others through their cheer and fitness journey, getting CHEERFIT strong along the way.


From the moment you join the CHEERFIT Ambassador family, you’ll be connected to a powerful community and network. You will receive access to join the private Ambassador groups and meet-up invites, along with access to exclusive CHEERFIT material, updates, and giveaways that we ONLY share with our ambassador community! There’s also member discounts, meet-ups, official ambassador swag, contests, workouts and more!

Through your CHEERFIT Ambassador journey, you will be motivated, supported, and encouraged to reach your goals within an amazing community of ambassadors, with people from all over the world – just like you! We dedicate our time to keeping this community absolutely safe, supportive and exclusive to only our CHEERFIT ambassadors and their parent/guardian.


You just joined the  CHEERFIT family and ready to begin your journey!


Meet and connect with other ambassadors around the world – just like you.
24/7 access to the private CHEERFIT groups, VIP meet-ups, and events
Build your confidence and reach the goals – your CHEERFIT fam’ is here cheering you on every step of the way.
Join in on friendly competition with CHEERFIT Challenges
Track your progress and reach your goals with weekly workouts, fit tips, cheer exercises and special bonuses
Inspire others through your cheer + fitness journey
Wear your title with pride, add it to your social media profiles, and share your journey.


You have been part of the CHEERFIT journey for 1 full year, (or have joined us within our first year *anytime between May 23, 2016-May 22, 2017), you  make the most of every chance to improve yourself..and the world, and continually strive to grow and continue your leadership experience.


Be recognized as a leader – on the CHEERFIT site, featured in social media, and in your community
Be a positive role model for new Ambassadors, your community, and develop strong friendships along the way
Help plan and host meet-up events, CHEERFIT workout parties, and local meet-ups in your area
Continue to reach your goals, earn personal achievements, and advance your skills.
Receive your CHEERFIT Ambassador Elite certificate of recognition and welcome gift
Rock your new title with pride, earn CHEERFIT badges, certificates of recognition & more.


You have reached the highest level in your CHEERFIT journey. Whether you start out as an Ambassador, cheer coach, former cheerleader, or fitness enthusiast – you want to continue to combine your passion for cheer and love for fitness.
Be certified to teach the signature CHEERFIT Bootcamp (TM) and be recognized as a CHEERFIT Captain and leader in the industry
Inspire greatness – be that coach your team looks up to
Learn how to identify and strengthen the muscles cheerleaders need to advance stunting, tumbling, and endurance
Stay in top cheer shape all year round – once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader
Earn extra money teaching fitness classes to your team or fitness center, at events, clinics and camps


Get Started on Your Journey – TODAY.