Meet Danielle

Founder of CHEERFIT and your biggest cheerleader!

Hi Team!

My name is Danielle and I am the founder of CHEERFIT. I’d love to share a little bit about myself and introduce CHEERFIT to you.

My inspiration for CHEERFIT came while recovering from what could have been a career-ending injury during my time as a collegiate cheerleader for Syracuse University. Over the past 5 years what started as an idea has grown into a global movement connecting girls and women around the world to build confidence through fitness. 

I loved the energy of game-day, the adrenalin of competition weekend, and the community that being on a squad created. I created CHEERFIT to be just that – a space that brings together former cheerleaders, dancers, coaches, and fitness lovers to connect to a workout that lights them up as much as cheering does! I hold my national certification from ACE (American Council on Exercise) and specialty certifications in group fitness, sports conditioning, ad youth sports conditioning. 

I strongly believe fitness should never be a punishment, but instead the highlight of your day! Say hello to CHEERFIT.

“turn every challenge into an opportunity to achieve something great”

Our Story

CHEERFIT was initially was created to be the fitness solution for cheerleaders, but as I have grown (from athlete to former cheerleader, to boss babe, and now a busy mom) the CHEERIFT community and brand has continued to evolve as well. Today, CHEERFIT is a global movement connecting girls and women around the world through the power of fitness. Our main programs include the siganture CHEERFIT workout, CHEERFIT Certification, and the SQUAD.

Our goal is to make fitness fun and for you to WANT to workout, not have to workout! 

CHEERFIT dominates the industry in the best of both cheer and fitness. We are the creators of the original CHEERFIT workout and certification – the only one of its kind! The workouts are fun, effective, and high-energy, with the added addition of pom-poms and has been featured in everything from POPSUGAR Fitness, SELF Magazine, to voted the hottest new workout on NBC.