Apply Now to Get CHEERFIT Certified

Bored of your regular fitness routine? Wishing there was a way to add cheer and dance back into your life?

Voted the hottest new workout by NBC for a reason . . .  CHEERFIT is a high-energy workout that motivates, inspires, and challenges you to kick it up a notch! Whether a former cheerleader or dancer, current athlete, cheer coach, fitness junkie,  or busy momma – you’ll LOVE working out with us!

Do any of these 

sound like you?

I’m a Former Cheerleader/Dancer

and I am so bored of my regular fitness routine! I wish there was a way to add cheer and dance back into my life.

I’m a Cheer/Dance Coach

and I’m tired of my athletes getting injured, frustrated, and losing confidence. I’d love a fitness program specifically for cheerleaders. 

I’m a Group Fitness Instructor

and I’m tired of teaching the same old method. I’d love to add variety in my classes and amp up the fun factor! 

I’m a Fitness Fan

and feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I need a workout that is fun and a community that motivates me.

Finally, the cheer-inspired workout you’ve been looking for! Whether. you are interested in getting CHEERFIT certified or taking a class, you’re in the right place! 

Here at CHEERFIT, we believe . . . 


Fitness should be FUN


Fitness should NOT be a way to punish your body


You should look FORWARD to your workouts, not dread them

“I’m super excited for the Friday sculpt class, it’s the best part of my week! All the CHEERFIT classes are so fun, motivating, and I’m loving the results”

Nicole F.

“CHEERFIT is so great! I love how there are cheer and dance moves in between the burpees and squats and that I can do the workouts anytime, anywhere. There’s no excuse to miss a workout”

Taylor M.

I’ve just started the workouts and I’m in love!!!!! They are great workouts and I love the enthusiasm and inclusive spirit!”

Caitlin K.