Heart PUMPING, sweat DRIPPING, completely AMAZING: everything you need to know about every CHEERFIT Class!


Time to channel your inner cheerleader and join us for the workout that is taking the industry by STORM! Fun, fierce, and yes CHEERFIT inspired – CHEERFIT is a high energy workout that motivates, inspires, and challenges you to kick it up a notch! Whether a current cheerleader or dancer, former athlete or busy momma – you’ll LOVE working out with us!

100s of cheer inspired classes to fit your mood and energy


It’s a workout party! Sweat, sculpt and dance it out with cardio exercises and dance choreography


Chisel, tone, and rock the bod’ of a cheerleader with these precise and balanced movements


Unleash your inner cheerleader, rev up the energy and sweat it out with this intense workout


Workouts for cheerleaders to help improve flexibility, tumbling, jumps, endurance and technique


We are all about FUN + we’re obsessed with helping you get results. Choose from HIIT, sculpt, dance, and express classes. Say hello CHEERFIT, byeeee workout boredom. Get fit, not bored – a class for every mood and style.  Need a motivation boost . . . this is it!!

“I’m super excited for the Friday sculpt class, it’s the best part of my week! All the CHEERFIT classes are so fun, motivating, and I’m loving the results”

Nicole F.

“CHEERFIT is so great! I love how there are cheer and dance moves in between the burpees and squats and that I can do the workouts anytime, anywhere. There’s no excuse to miss a workout”

Taylor M.

I’ve just started the workouts and I’m in love!!!!! They are great workouts and I love the enthusiasm and inclusive spirit!”

Caitlin K.