Episode 37: Fitness and Nutrition Tips for the New Year

In this episode of Life After Cheer, I talk with Ashley Steinberger. She’s been a past guest on the podcast as well as a registered dietician +  founder of The Cheer Nutritionist! Together, we talk about fitness and nutrition tips right for the new year!

In this episode, Ashley and I discuss topics such as:

  1. [03:38] The biggest thing we need to remember with our new year’s resolutions is that everyone goes hard when it comes to them – they make up this plan, they’re going to do all of these things, but it rarely ends up being sustainable.
  2. [21:35] You are yourself, and the only person who should be evaluating your body and how you feel is you; you should be doing it for yourself
  3. [30:41] Sometimes you just have to remember that you need to listen to your body, but when you work out it really doesn’t have to be an hour workout – even just a little bit can be enough.



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