Episode 38: Colyn Fiendel, Athletic Trainer for Cheer New York

In this episode of Life After Cheer, I talk with Colyn Fiendel, the athletic trainer, coach, and program director for Cheer New York – a non-profit organization comprised solely of all-volunteer LGBTQ+ and ally cheerleaders. Colyn and I talk about what to do when things don’t go according to plan, and just how to let go and move on.


Here are some tidbits I think you might want to remind yourself of:

  1. [16:41] You are surrounded by people who are motivating you and lifting you up and giving you the confidence to become the best version of yourself
  2. [22:18] Be in the moment, instead of just constantly thinking about what you can do better or what you can do more of.
  3. [36:44] You have to take the highs and the lows and that’s going to teach you and help you be where you’re supposed to be, so you’ve got to take that path and journey.



Cheer New York’s Website: https://www.cheernewyork.org/ 

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