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This month, we are focusing on CORE & AB strength. This month’s workout challenge will work your core, advance your skills,and give you that confidence boost you need to empower the world through your CHEERFIT Journey! Join us and let’s get our #CHEERFITSTRONG on! SHARE your pics and TAG us @cheerfittraining

These challenges are designed to inspire you to stay motivated and #cheerfitstrong – all month long. Each day of the challenge you’ll have a set of exercises to do and each week these exercises advance a little bit more! Oh YASSSS we are getting #cheerfitstrong!

Even more exciting, check in every Saturday because we’ve got a special #cheerfitchallenge bonus exercise for you..and prizes for those who join in! 

It’s super simple, easy, and fun! Simply follow along each day of the challenge, join in on the weekly bonus CHEERFIT Challenges, and share your results with us!

  • Each day of the month you have a set of exercises to do (which are all listed for you on the monthly calendar)
  • Follow the daily exercises (note they get harder each day woot woot)
  • Check in every Saturday – we’ve got a new bonus #cheerfitchallenge
  • Join the Saturday challenges by posting your results @cheerfittraining, using the hashtag #cheerfitchallenge- and get in on the opportunity to WIN exciting prizes
  • Don’t forget to challenge your friends, teammates and coaches by tagging them too!

We kick off the challenge April 1st and it goes all month long! We’d love for you to get started on day 1, but you can jump in any time throughout the month.

And don’t forget to stay motivated by joining us on social and posting your sweaty selfies #cheerfitchallenge @cheerfittraining (instagram)