Ashley M.

Teaches: CHEERFIT Bootcamp + CHEERFIT Dance I Follow her on Insta @ashleysapron

Ashley is a registered dietitian, chef in training, and aspiring professional cheerleader from Cincinnati, OH! Ashley brings ambition, enthusiasm, and nothing but fun to the CHEERFIT team. At the start of each and every class, Ashley preaches that your workout should be the best part of your day! As a former collegiate cheerleader for Ohio University, Ashley learned the art and importance of strength training,¬†furthermore pursuing her personal training certification. Since then, she has been involved in the fitness industry for almost 8 years and has a master’s degree in nutrition. Ashley truly embraces health, wellness, cheerleading, and nutrition and is passionate about inspiring those to find their passion too!¬†

You can find Ashley kicking your booty in CHEERFIT Bootcamp + CHEERFIT Dance classes on Thursday nights + Saturday mornings!