Schedule a one on one coaching call with a cheer fitness expert to understand what your cheerleader is struggling with on the mat, how to support her in her goals, and help her advance her skills.

Dear parents,

Cheerleading is not what it used to be and I know it can be frustrating not understanding what your child is going through on the mat.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with hundreds of parents to help them navigate the world of cheerleading and build a stronger relationship with their child. And I’m here to help you too.

I invite you to schedule a parent coaching call with me – your cheer fitness expert, and together we’ll unlock your cheerleader’s true potential. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Founder & CEO – Danielle Donovan




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Danielle will give you a call at the time of your session and your coaching call will begin




After the call, Danielle will send you a customized action plan and detailed follow up to stay motivated.



A one-on-one phone call with cheer fitness expert, Danielle Donovan


The opportunity to review the current frustrations and concerns you and your cheerleader are facing


Expert tips, customized advice, and strategies specific to your child


A detailed follow up and personalized action plan following our call


  •  PRICE: $50.00
  • LENGTH: Calls are 20 min.in length, plus a detailed follow-up, and 24/7 access to contact Danielle with any questions

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: After our call, you will have an actionable plan and customized workouts to help your cheerleader succeed
  • It’s best if just you, the parent/guardian is on the call (and not your athlete). This allows for a more open conversation – the more information provided on the call, the more detailed and customized your action plan will be.


  • Getting tryout ready
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Advancing tumbling
  • Increasing flying skills & flexibility
  • Improving jump height & technique
  • Increasing confidence
  • Getting tryout ready
  • Problems at your gym


– The Fitness Expert for Cheerleaders

– Certified by the American Council on Exercise

– Certified specialist: youth fitness, sports conditioning, cheerleaders, and group fitness

– Former D1 cheerleader

– Founder of CHEERFIT

– Featured in: American Cheerleader Magazine, InsideCheerleading, Chasse Cheer Blog, Omni Cheer, Cheer Living, NBC, Yahoo, Huffington Post, New York Post, Healthline, Mind Body Green, Fitness Magazine, and  Livestrong


My daughter Savannah has been a CHEERFIT Ambassador since 2016 ..and everything about CHEERFIT has been amazing! I love all the support and motivation she receives from Danielle and the other CHEERFIT Members. As a mom, my favorite part of  CHEERFIT is the constant motivation and positive feedback. Danielle is always encouraging Savannah or congratulating her on whatever she sets out to do or accomplishes! All of Danielle’s tips and advice are SO helpful! My daughter loves doing the workouts, and it’s even motivated me to participate in the challenges with her!

Tara Coons-Hulett

The 1-on-1 session with Danielle was invaluable! I truly appreciate talking to her and getting feedback from her perspective.Both my daughters are all-star cheerleaders, however, I have never cheered before and don’t always know how to best help them…until I talked with Danielle! Danielle gave me incredible tips and knew just what to say to help me help my daughters. Thank you!!

Betzi Dreibelbis

I have a huge CheerFit brag that couldn’t wait until Wednesday! My kiddo broke her leg and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She was in so much constant pain that even wearing a sock hurt. I asked Danielle Donovan for exercises to help with hip flexibility in the leg that she broke. She gave us specific workout ideas and now, 23 days out of the cast and she is STRONGER THAN EVER!

Kristin Holliday Kessler

I just wanted to let you know that CHEERFIT has been amazing for Bailey and my family. Since my daughter has become a CHEERFIT Ambassador she has inspired her sisters to do the workouts with her..and they love it!! Bailey has grown & improved so much since starting these workouts. Thank you for creating this amazing company and sharing all your industry expertise with us, I truly appreciate all you do!! 

Jenn O'Keefe

CHEERFIT and founder, Danielle, have been so instrumental in molding my daughter into a better cheerleader. Since joining this phenomenal movement, she has become more motivated than ever! The support and encouragement we have BOTH received is indescribable! We love CHEERFIT and are so thankful to be part of the CHEERFITt family!

Laila Abdeldayem

One of our favorite parts about CHEERFIT is the ability to speak to Danielle if you have an issue that needs more attention. She gives up her time to find a workout that fits your needs and they really help!! My daughter has come such a long way with the help of Danielle! Thank you!!  

Malia Odle

It was great to get the opportunity to talk with Danielle and have her answer my questions to help my daughter get those last couple of extra inches she needed to get her needle! Thanks for all the help, tips, and support!!

Johanna Luffman Gatenby