Our mission is to spread the awareness that cheerleaders need fitness. cheerFIT has been developed to revolutionize the industry and disrupt the traditional methods of fitness training. Cheerleading is advancing and so must our fitness game.


Through the cheerFIT workouts and programs, cheerleaders increase their strength, stamina, and technique in order to prevent injury and compete at their highest potential.

All workouts are designed to ensure a safe and fun experience, focusing on establishing fitness as an integral role in every cheerleader and coach’s routine. The cheerFIT program is an essential tool to a cheerleader’s strength, safety and ultimate success.
cheerFIT is dedicated to being a motivating outlet and educational resource to help cheer athletes build strength in both body and mind. Current programs include: personal training and online fitness, team workouts, certifications for coaches and group fitness classes.


Danielle is the expert fitness trainer for cheerleaders and founder of cheerFIT.  She holds a national fitness certification through the American Council on Exercise with a specialty focus in sports conditioning. Danielle is a former cheerleader of Syracuse University and is now the go-to fitness guru for the cheerleading industry.

Danielle understands the physical demands of the cheer sport, personally overcoming 2 ACL tears during her college career. Combining her professional knowledge, industry expertise and personal experience, Danielle founded cheerFIT to serve as the fitness solution for the cheerleading industry.

Featured in American Cheerleader, Omni Cheer, FITNESS Magazine, Chasse Cheer, Women’s Health Magazine, Cheer Living Magazine, Cheer Channel and Livestrong, the cheerFIT programs provide a convenient and affordable solution with specific emphasis on the fitness principles as it pertains exclusively to cheerleaders.