Hey you!

It’s WINSday, day 3, and time to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!! Give yourself a big ol’ high 5 – you’ve accomplished some major WINS this week and we are so proud of you! Let’s keep that momentum going strong and jump right into day 3…literally!! Today, we are focusing on flexibility for jumps!

We chose these exercises because they work all the flexibility elements cheerleaders need to focus on for jumps – power, height, hyperextension, and technique. You’re going to love these flexibility exercises, so let’s get to i

Pro tip: to make the most of this workout and Challenge, really focus on your goals as you complete each exercise.

Complete each exercise for 10 reps x 3 rounds. We’d love to see you getting your #cheerfitchallenge on and feature you!! Upload a workout pic or workout selfie and tag us @cheerfittraining #cheerfittraining.


FOCUS AREA: hip flexors, lower back, core, and shoulders


WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR FLEXIBILITY: in order to improve flexibility in your jumps – you need to work your hip flexors. When your hip flexors are strong, you’ll have increased rage of motion. This + a strong core = hyperextended jumps!


FOCUS AREA: core and hip flexors


WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR FLEXIBILITY: this exercise is a great one because it focuses on your core strength, which is also essential for building technique and power in your jumps! Additionally, this exercise also works your hip flexors! It’s a win-win: )


FOCUS AREA: core, hamstrings (back of your legs), and power


WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR FLEXIBILITY: if we are talking jumps, we’ve got to focus on power! This exercise is great because it builds power for height and strengthens your hamstrings – which helps with your flexibility!


FOCUS AREA: hip flexors, core, shoulders, and power


WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR FLEXIBILITY: this exercise does it all! It’s a total body exercise that focuses on all the elements you need for jumps! This exercise will work your hip flexors and core and give you the power to advance your jumps.

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