Episode 35: Crushing the Sterotypes of Being a Cheerleader with Pro Cheerleader and Sports Anchor, Bridget Case

In this week’s episode of Life After Cheer, I talk with Bridget Case! Bridget is a sports journalist turned Twitch streamer who uses her platform to advocate for mental health. She’s a former pro cheerleader for the NFL and the sports anchor for NBC and CBS station affiliates. Today, we crush those cheerleader stereotypes!

Tune in for quite the conversation!

In this episode, we talk about the following:

  1. [05:38] We’re so much more than the cheerleader, so much more than the professional dancer; there are so many more layers to us as human beings.
  2. [23:31] When you’re trying to get a job, be yourself – say what you want to say, don’t say things that you think others want to hear.
  3. [31:41] Sometimes, when you are so focused on creating that niche, you can lose who you are, and your passion for what you are doing; more people need to say, “screw the niche. I will be me, “and that’s what you’re coming for.


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