Episode 30: Evolution of Coaching with Head Coach and Spirit Director for Rutgers University

Today, I got the opportunity to speak with Christine Zoffinger – head coach of Rutgers University who oversees the Spirit Program and works with the nationally ranked dance team – for this week’s episode! Today, we talk about the evolution of the cheer sport, overcoming burnout, and staying on top of your game!


Here are some special takeaways from this episode of Life After Cheer:

  1. [11:41] It’s this balance between doing it and executing it well but also challenging yourself with difficulty
  2. [17:45] Injuries also take a toll on your mental health – you have to listen to your body and be aware of the fact that you may or may not be physically or mentally burnt out
  3. [29:53] It can be difficult sometimes because we don’t like to hear criticism, even constructive criticism – but you have to be open to it



Christine began dancing and cheering at age 5, becoming a member of nationally ranked high school teams in both the U.S. and London. She was on the first Rutgers Dance Team invited to compete at the UCA & UDA National College Cheerleading and Dance Team Championship in 1993 and led the team as captain to a seventh-place finish the following year. Upon graduation, Christine became an Assistant Coach for the Cheerleading and Dance Teams. She was named Head Coach in 1998, which proved to be a great year for the program, ending in the first National Championship won by the Dance Team. While Christine continues to oversee the entire Spirit Program, including All Girl Cheer, Coed Cheer, the Dance Team, and the mascots, she works daily with the nationally ranked Dance Team. She also judges for various cheer and dance companies, including the UDA National Dance Team Championships. She graduated from Rutgers University, receiving both a BA and an MBA. She is married and has two beautiful sons.


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Website: scarletknights.com/staff-directory/christine-zoffinger/317




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