Episode 26: Have You Been Told Your Missing Period Isn’t a Problem? 

In this week’s episode of Life After Cheer, I talk with Cynthia Donovan, the creator of the Period Recovery Podcast! She tells us about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – a condition where menstruation goes missing. She fills us in on why it’s essential and gives us advice!

Listen in to today’s conversation with Cynthia to learn more!

  1. [3:10] What your body needs, adequate fuel and food, and what you may think it needs are two different things.
  2. [27:17] The key is getting support; a support system such as a professional can guide you.
  3. [36:02] If you’re going to make a reduction in your exercise or take it out, then you need to replace it with something; likely, you’re struggling with an unproductive mindset, so it’s essential that you fill it with something


Cynthia’s Website: www.periodnutritionist.com 

Cynthia’s IG: www.instagram.com/period.nutritionist 

The Period Recovery Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-period-recovery-podcast/id1623840946 


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