Episode 21: How to Become More Self-Aware and The Journey to Your Authentic Self: Tips from Former Pro Cheerleader Karrie Larson

Wow, what a riveting episode we have today! I talk with Karrie Larson, former NBA dancer for the Warriors Dance Team and Timberwolves Dancers! We talked about various topics, including how to be your most authentic self.

Here are just a few of the most important highlights from today’s episode:

  1. [6:37] Self-awareness is the biggest key – sometimes, you have to take a step back and focus on your reactions, asking yourself how you react the way you do.
  2. [28:25] It’s okay if you don’t feel the best about yourself – you must learn the best version of yourself and find your truest character.
  3. [31:33] People who live in the past often live in regret and sadness, people who live in the future often live in fear and anxiety, and people who live in the present are the ones who experience the most joy.


Karrie is California born, Wisconsin raised, and back living in the San Francisco CA area. She has been involved with pro NBA/NFL dance for the past 9 years — 4 years of dancing in the NBA (Timberwolves and Warriors), and 5+ years supporting dancers to make pro teams through dance training and mindset mentorship. Karrie has officially retired the pro dancing life and now owns her own wellness company called Serving Sundays which is a Sunday service designed to make it easy for people to connect more deeply with themselves through meditation, sound healing, guest speakers, yoga/stretch, guided writing and more. Karrie stands for authenticity, leaning into your strengths, self-discovery, and finding meaning in life.


Karrie’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/karrielarson

Serving Sundays IG: https://www.instagram.com/servingsundays/ 

Website: http://karrielynnlarson.weebly.com/ 



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