We are so excited to share the Transformation Story of Skylar Lavian who shares that being CHEERFIT STRONG has not ONLY helped her beat her mental block but also improved her stunting skills and confidence! From tumbling to stunting, this girl has truly shown that the way to succeed is to stick with it, stay motivated, supported and determined! And when you do..BIG transformations happened!

We were so proud of Skylar when she told us that she OVERCAME HER MENTAL BLOCK, so we checked in with to ask her how..and if she could share some tips for you!


Skylar shares…

  1. Stay motivated: I love the CHEERFIT community because there are always fellow athletes here to help me stay motivated
  2. Do the workouts: the CHEERFIT Workouts & Workout Parties have helped me tremendously!! My favorite is the flyer stretching routines!
  3. Stay Brave: I always remember that when you’re brave..you empower others to be brave too!

I really hope to inspire and motivate others through my CHEERFIT Journey!


FAVORITE QUOTE:  “I have worked too hard & Too long to let ANYTHING stand in my way! #cheerfitstrong”


YES! We love sharing stories like Skylar’s and we are so happy to help inspire the world through her journey! Skylar, thanks for being part of the CHEERFIT fam!! You are amazing and we love hearing about all your success .- keep doing your thing girl!!


Danielle & Your CHEERFIT Fam

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