Episode 9: How to Break Up With the Old Version of You and Live as your Higher Self with Steph Weber

Let me start off by saying – wow! This episode is jam-packed with so many amazing takeaways and tips! In this episode chat with Steph Weber – brand coach and marketing strategist, owner of The Weber Co, and former cheerleader and dancer – and yes, we dive deep into conversations about:
  • Knowing when to pivot your business
  • How to improve your mindset + the power of trusting yourself
  • Why it’s crucial to get rooted in your why
  • And how to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship
If you’re a fellow entrepreneur – this episode is a MUST listen! Or if you’re looking for some mindset tips (hello, all of us), this episode is also a MUST!

Steph Weber is the CEO of The Weber Co, a branding + marketing company designed to help entrepreneurs deliver unparalleled impact by prioritizing human connection with an authority brand. With nearly 10 years of experience working as a brand and marketing strategist, Steph helps brands implement the strategy they need to build impactful, profitable businesses. She has a heart for adventuring and a passion for helping people make an impact through a memorable brand.