Episode 34: Influencer Kate Steinberg Shares How to Stay Consistent and Confident in Your Content Creation

In this week’s episode of Life After Cheer, I talk with Kate Steinberg! Kate is an influencer and former cheerleader with platforms on TikTok and Twitter! Our discussion involves tips on staying consistent and what you can do to spark your creativity!

In this episode, we talk about the following:

  1. [8:25] Sometimes, it may take throwing a hundred things at the wall, and they all might fail – but then it takes that one thing to succeed
  2. [19:22] Everyone is experiencing the same things – if you’re super stressed out, you’re not alone in that, as everyone goes through it no matter where you are in your journey.
  3. [30:13] Consistency is vital; whether a video hits or not, you must keep going. Eventually, one day, you’ll wake up and hit that goal you desire.



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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteinbergKate 




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