Episode 8: how to follow your life’s plan, the stress of perfectionism, and career today with Maddie Gardner

Ever wonder how being a cheerleader translates to your success today? And yes we are talking both the good (like the amazing friendships) and the not-so-good (like the extra stress to be perfect) . . .

I’m sure we’ve all been there – and today on Life After Cheer, we are talking all things with our guest (whose name I’m sure you’ll recognize), Maddie Gardner!

Listen in to hear Maddie’s take on:

  • How to follow your passion and stay dedicated to your plan
  • The stress of perfectionism
  • What the transition to life after cheer is really like
  • Oh, and we dive into Maddie’s fav workouts – and yes, we share the same passion for fitness! 


Maddie is a world’s Champion athlete, internationally recognized all star cheerleader and top news reporter today! Maddie always had a plan in mind, knowing that when her time in cheer came to an end, she wanted to focus her full efforts into her career  – and that she did! Maddie is quickly climbing the ranks as a new reporter – and in this chat, we talk about the many ways that being a cheerleader has helped Maddie in her success today! 

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