Episode 7: how to flex your confidence muscle with top fitness instructor at Obe’ Fitness, Mary Wolff

Ever feel like you just know someone – even if you have never met them before?! I swear, my convo with Mary felt like we were old friends chatting it up – we probably good have talked for hours! And our chat got juicy, with important topics like imposter syndrome, the toll body image takes on our mindset, and more! You’ve got to tune in! 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How to flex your confidence muscle
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome
  • And how to make fitness fun


Mary is a body-sculpting fitness expert. She has been dancing her whole life and is a top-tier all-around athlete. Mary knows what it takes to whip your body into shape — long, lean, and flexible with a side of killer cardio. She has a true passion for wellness and doing good for the body and knows how to create a crazy, fun, and challenging workout. Tune into her energy-filled classes, so you can see just how contagious her love of movement is.