Episode 1: opening up about body image and my why for creating the Life After Cheer podcast

Hey hey and welcome to our very first episode of Life After Cheer! I am so excited to have created this podcast as a platform to connect, share stories, and talk about topics that are close to the heart for all of us! And while this podcast will primarily be interview style -I wanted to first kick off the first show by sharing a bit about me and my cheer experience – yes the ups and downs, and why I am so excited to start the Life After Cheer podcast! 

Listen in to learn more . . .

  • How I learned to find my voice and confidence through cheering and go from painfully shy to CHEERFIT CEO + founder
  • My struggle with perfectionism and body image and what I have done to improve my mindset to be the person I am today
  • The lessons learned as a cheerleader that I apply to my everyday life today

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Next week, I’m so excited to be joined by the amazing co-founders of Seek + Set free! We’ll talk about leadership traits as both an NFL cheerleader and Air Force officer, how to juggle working full time and following your passion, and how to let go of limiting beliefs from body image to self-worth! You’re going to love it!