Episode 24: Q&A – Coaching Advice, Finding Your Passion, and the Power of Relationships

On this episode of Life After Cheer, Claudia Ralph returns to the podcast! Claudia and I answer plenty of questions and advise on finding your passion and how meaningful relationships are.  

Tune in for a riveting episode!

Here are a few specific points we discuss that seem worth pointing out:

  1. [10:45] If you don’t apply yourself, then you’re never going to get what you want – you have to, at the very least, try
  2. [25:50] Stick to your guns – don’t let people tell you how to run things; it’s up to you how things are run, not them, after all
  3. [33:35] We are our very own worst critics, so sometimes we need those people who will cheer on us and believe in our capabilities during hard times when we can’t believe in ourselves


Claudia was a cheerleader for 14 years before beginning her coaching career right out of college. After a season at the High School Varsity level, Claudia was hired to lead the Princeton University Cheerleading Team as Head Coach in 2021. Claudia cheered from Rec to high school and culminated her college cheerleading experience at Seton Hall University, where she graduated with her undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 2020. Claudia received her MBA in Marketing from Seton Hall in 2021 and joined CHEERFIT as their Head Marketing Coach shortly after. Claudia also travels around the Tristate Area, leading camps and clinics with Rah Rah Routines. She loves sharing her passion for sports with athletes of all ages and levels!

IG: @coachclaudia.r

Website: www.cheerfittraining.com/claudia/ 



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