Episode 2: Releasing limiting beliefs with former teammates and co-founders of Seek + Set Free

Hello hello and welcome to another episode of Life After Cheer! I am so excited to be joined by not 1 but two amazing ladies today who were former teammates at Penn State University and are now founders of Seek + set free which is a custom retreat company for women who are seeking to set their souls on fire! Hayley, Alexa, and I dive into what it takes to follow your passion and how they went from former teammates to co-founders. In our conversation, we also get real talking about limiting beliefs, body image, and self-worth! 

In this episode, we’ll chat about:

  • The similarity in qualities needed for being an NFL cheerleader + Air Force Officer (yes Hayley is both!)
  • How to juggle working full time and following your passion
  • How to release limiting beliefs around body image to focus on self-love and own your confidence


This episode is POWERFUL and we are obsessed with what Hayley and Alexa have created! So much that we teammed up with them to plan an exclusive CHEERFIT Retreat for our community!! Come join us and we can’t wait to meet you IRL! Resere your spot asap (https://seekandsetfree.com/pages/retreats)

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