Ok friends, today we meet an amazing CHEERFIT AmbassadorSha’ciah who shares with us the SECRET to her success. So listen up, because her tips and transformation can help you reach your goals! Sha’ciah has been a CHEERFIT Ambassador for almost 2 years now, and we are LOVING having her on the CHEERFIT Ambassador Team! She is dedicated, motivated, and so supportive in helping others reach their goals! A true definition of what it means to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador!

Sha’ciah’s story and transformation goes like this,


The first pic is when I first started with CHEERFIT in 2016 and the second pic is now in 2018!! The best part about being with CHEERFIT is the daily workouts! As you can see in the first pic I really wasn’t as toned as I am in the 2018 pic.Before joining CHEERFIT I struggled as a cheerleader with tumbling technique.

My arms and legs weren’t as strong as I needed them to be when it came to throwing my tumble passes, but after joining my CHEERFIT Fam’ in 2016 I started watching what I put in my body and joined in on the workout challenges on the weekends. In order to be CHEERFIT you had to be dedicated to being CHEERFIT meaning putting in the work to accomplish that fit goal! This is something I worked hard on doing and now, I AM A BETTER ATHLETE and excited to share my incredible results. I am Sha’cia and I am CHEERFIT STRONG!!!! 

FAVORITE QUOTE:  Spread kindness like confetti

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GIRL! We are so proud of all your success and love your commitment and dedication to being ..CHEERFIT! You put in the work, reach your goals and we could not be more honored to have you part of the CHEERFIT fam! We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish!


Danielle & Your CHEERFIT Fam

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