Episode 17: Top Gun All Stars Co-Owner + Founder, Victor Rosario Talks How to Go from Good to Great

This week’s episode of Life After Cheer features Victor Rosario, the co-owner and co-founder of Top Gun All Stars – one of the most elite and all-star gyms. Today, Victor shares what exactly has made Top Gun All-Stars so successful.

In talking with Victor, we chat about plenty of things, including:

  1. (18:07) The key is to do fun doing what you do in life, and not take things such as negative energy with you and bring it into a space where it should be positive
  2. (30:15) If you’re not being true to yourself in what you do, what you do isn’t going to be different – be unique in what you do!
  3. (44:55) If you’re stronger and more conditioned, the more confidence and preparation you have – this leads to you being more successful due to that confidence and preparation


Top Gun Website:  https://topgunjags.com/presale

Top Gun IG: @topgunjags305



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