So you know when that moment when your coach yells, FULL OUT and you think, do we haveeee to?? Well, let’s change that ‘do we have to’ to YES let’s do it! We want you to feel energized, excited, and #cheerfitstrong after every skill, stunt, practice, and performance! Today, founder Danielle is sharing her #1 endurance-boosting tips to help you change your mindset, improve your endurance, and not be out of breath after going FULL OUT!

Sounds good? Let’s get to it! 


WHY THIS EXERCISE IS AWESOME: This exercise is perfect for cheerleaders because it works your shoulders, strengthens your core, and boosts cardio, endurance and mindset. Working your total body PLUS giving you the confidence that you can climb any mountain and overcome any challenge is a #1 go-to for the CHEERFIT Team! Go for 45 seconds x 3 rounds,


WHY THIS EXERCISE IS AWESOME: This exercise revs up your entire bod’, including boosting endurance, which improves your stamina and gives you the energy to go FULL OUT. Do 10 reps x 3 rounds

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