(…and it’s exactly what I do for working out)

“What do you do for exercise?”

This is a question I get ALL the time! And since we’ve since we’re feeling good and ready to head into our new season feeling strong, I wanted to share what I do for exercise and how you too can get on the fitness bandwagon!

First off, I wasn’t always a fitness junkie, but yes I was always active. Growing up as a gymnast and cheerleader you would always find me cartwheeling in the middle of the hallways, practicing my libs on our kitchen swivel chairs (sorry mom!) and front hand springing over the couch (and if you just cracked a smile, I know it’s because you’ve done it too).

But it wasn’t until tearing my ACL that I fell in love with fitness. You can read my story (below),  which explains how I found fitness and exactly why these exercises are crucial for every cheerleader! But now I want to dive right into getting our workout on!

As your expert cheer fitness trainer, I am excited to share a sneak peek into my exact workout routines, why they work for me and why they can work for you too! Now go grab your sneaks and let’s go! It’s WORKOUT TIME! 

My favorite exercises and workout method includes :

Circuit Style Training:

  • What is it: Circuit style training incorporates 4-5 exercises that you do back to back. No rest, no break – just go! With this style you will be sure to get in your cardio fix and feel the burn after just a few short minutes. Sweat, smile & repeat, that’s our motto and circuit training helps you do just that!
  • Why I love it: Between creating Ambassador workouts, leading certifications, and running CHEERFIT (oh and planning for a wedding), I am busy! I need something that can maximize results, tone and sculpt in half the time! If you too are always on the go – circuit style workouts are for you!

My Workout Routine:

  • I pick 5 exercises for each circuit and choose exercises that focus on: stability (for stunting), cardio (for endurance), strength (for tumbling), abs (for everything!) and flexibility (for stretching)
  • Truth be told, all of the workouts that I share in the CHEERFIT Club are the EXACT same exercises I do for my workouts! These exercises get results, prevent injury and are crucial for every cheerleader.

Sample Plan: Complete each exercise for 30-45 seconds and repeat the circuit 3 times.








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These exercises work and heres’ why. My story and fitness journey goes a little like this…

I wasn’t always the fitness junkie I am now, but it was overcoming an injury and turning a challenge into an opportunity that I realized fitness works! Not just for me, but for the cheerleading industry as a whole.

After tearing my ACL (the first time around), I was told surgery was the only solution. However, I was also given the tip that the stronger I was going into surgery, the quicker I would bounce back and make a full recovery.

After hearing that, you better believe I was in that physical therapy office and gym strengthening and preparing for surgery everyday! I went into surgery EVEN STRONGER (still with a torn ACL) than I ever was before and I was ready to bounce back like a champ!

Post surgery, I was right back at it rehabbing my knee to full recovery. It was through this journey that I truly found fitness. It was my outlet, my go-to..AND it was working! I saw the progress each and everyday and I was feeling good! So good that I even went back after just 6 months of rehabbing (note: you should really give it a year).  Long story short, instead of following my fitness plan – I went right back to full cheering mode and was guilty of not incorporating my crucial fitness routines 3-4 times a week.

Because I went back too soon and didn’t keep up with my fitness regimen, I tore my ACL AGAIN!

This time, I LEARNED! Instead of getting surgery, I dug out my weekly workouts, favorite exercises and got going on my fitness regimen YET AGAIN. This time, I told the doctor “I got this” – I defied the odds and strengthened my knee to full recovery EVEN WITHOUT SURGERY.

I found my love for fitness again and this time stuck with it! So much so that I then continued on to start CHEERFIT.

Our goal is to inspire the cheerleading industry with cheer specific workouts and fitness plans that strengthen the unique muscles we cheerleaders need! We don’t throw balls, we throw people! We defy gravity and need our body to be strong enough to keep up with these physical demands!

I am committed to making working out a way of life and you can too!

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Happy Workout! Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite exercise of this workout is!



Danielle Donovan is the fitness expert for cheerleaders. She has combined her experience as an elite cheerleader and fitness expertise to create CHEERFIT – a fitness community for cheerleaders and parents. Danielle understands your needs as a cheerleader and knows the exercises to reach your cheer goals. For more information about Danielle, fitness plans for cheerleaders, CHEERFIT certifications for coaches, and weekly fit tips, Visit cheerfittraining.com