Hi ya champ!

I want you to wake up everyday with determination and go to bed each night with satisfaction. I want you kick it into high gear, all day – everyday…because that is the cheerFIT style.

I want you to SPRING into action, reach goals you’ve never thought possible and bust through any mental block that comes your way!

Why? Because YOU are #cheerfitstrong!

So for this week’s workout challenge #3 join us to fire up that core and chisel that middle!

Commit to your goals and make it happen! Remember, fitness is powerful and it is our mission to spread the awareness that cheerleaders NEED fitness. So join us and let’s get #cheerfitstrong! 



  • Join the #iamcheerfitstrong workout challenge + Fitness Friday bonus exercise (click here)
  • Tag your teammates, friends and coaches to join you in the challenge
  • Spread the word

& to win cool prizes by posting your results @cheerfittrianing and use the hashtag #iamcheerfitstrong.


You’ve heard it from me once (x 1000) and you’ll hear it again, core training is essential to EVERY element of your stunt progression, advancing tumbling and getting in cheer shape.

And this is why:

  • POWERFUL TUMBLING- if you want powerful tumbling, you need to focus on core strength to help you rebound higher, twist faster, tuck better and improve back flexibility. Yup, core training is that good!
  • ADVANCED STUNTING-if you’re frustrated because that dang stunt just wont hit, instead of trying again and agin, STOP and give this week’s bonus challenge a try.
  • PREVENT INJURY– your core is your powerhouse (say it with me) and if you’ve got a strong core, you are stronger and pretty much have super hero powers. In all seriousness though, your core strength builds the abdominal muscles every cheerleader needs to build strength.

And we all know that building strength prevents injury! It’s that simple.

And now that we are talking about advancing stunts and preventing injury – I’m sure you are thinking about next season right ? Need some help springing into action and getting CHEERFIT STRONG for next season?

I would like to introduce you to our Tryout Prep Program – complete with all the cheer workouts and specific exercises YOU need to walk into tryouts with confidence and walk out with a spot on the team. Sound good? How about giving it a try for FREE for 30 days?? Give it a go – check out details here. (but hurry the countdown to tryouts is on – it’s time to get in shape now!)

Good luck with the challenge! I can’t wait to see who the winner is! Leave a comment with how many Twist & Shouts you were able to do in 60 seconds!

Your personal cheer fitness coach,



Danielle Wechsler is the fitness trainer for cheerleaders. She has combined her experience as an elite cheerleader and fitness expertise to create cheerFIT – a personal training service that connects cheerleaders to a cheer fitness trainer, online. Danielle understands your needs as a cheerleader and knows the exercises to reach your cheer goals. For more information about Danielle, fitness plans for cheerleaders, cheerFIT certifications for coaches, and weekly fit tips, visit www.fitnessforcheerleaders.com.