“I am a CHEERFIT Ambassador. I am unique and strong! I can do ANYTHING!” – Bianca Medly

Transformations and success stories truly warm our heart and give us the best feeling in the world! We are SO PROUD of all our CHEERFIT Ambassadors for everything they have accomplished and overcome! Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is not only about experiencing results for yourself, but also motivating others through your CHEERFIT journey!

We are beyond honored to introduce to you the amazing Bianca Medley. Bianca has not only shown pure success and progress in her skills, but is also constantly encouraging, motivating, and supporting those around her!


Bianca truly rocks the CHEERFIT Ambassador lifestyle – in every sense of the word! We are so inspired by Bianca that we checked in with her to hear what has helped her transform.


“Okay everyone, I just want to tell you my story. I started CHEERFIT a little while ago and couldn’t do a back handspring. I started watching and working out with Danielle and doing the Ambassador extras. Because of this, I am happy to announce that I am stronger, more fit, and can now do 3 back handsprings in a row. I love CHEERFIT because they answer questions, listen to what you want to see more of, and in general are always there to help you succeed. The CHEERFIT company is amazing and has helped me so much! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my abilities since joining and working out using their videos and I am proud of all that I have recently accomplished

I would say the biggest things that really helped me transform are the weekly workouts, CHEERFIT TV, and workout parties! I love the workouts specific to cheerleaders and having Danielle and the CHEERFIT Community with me every step of the way! “.  

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle”


Ohhhhh Bianca, girl we are SO PROUD of you!! We love checking in to hear about all your success <3 We’re also loving that you are not only reaching your goals, but also inspiring others to do the same! Way to go girl, way to go!!!!


Danielle & Your CHEERFIT Fam

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