Transformations come in all types of ways! From advancing skills to overcoming injuries – there is no better feeling than the feeling of overcoming challenges and reaching your goals! Today we meet CHEERFIT Ambassador Camarie who has learned to stay motivated through injury and stay strong both mentally and physically. Camarie’s mom shares,

Camarie broke her arm January 18th during cheer practice, not one time has she missed practiced or complained she continued to go full out. She was fully released back to cheer the first week of March and is continuing to push for goals. Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador has helped her maintain her strength in other areas when she wasn’t able to use her arm. Once released the workouts helped her regain arm strength and pick up right where she left off! #cheerfitstrong.

After just getting released, Camarie is right back at it..tumbling and stunting like nothing ever happened!
Camarie’s transformation journey from overcoming injury to being cleared is a true reminder to us all that through determination and having the right attitude…anything is possible! 

We were so motivated by Camarie and her transformation journey that we checked in with her to ask if she could share some tips for staying MOTIVATED DURING INJURY!! And this is what she said…



  1. Always believe in yourself
  2. Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday
  3. Slow and steady wins the pace

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “Perfection before progression is key”


Ohhhh girlll, we love hearing all about your transformation journey and how you stayed motivated to overcome injury! YES!!! We love sharing stories like Camarie’s and we are so happy to help inspire the world through her journey! Camarie, thanks for being part of the CHEERFIT fam’, you rock girl!!!


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