The team earned that coveted bid and everyone is jumping up and down for joy! The excitement is overwhelming… coaches start thinking about new additions to the routine, athletes are dreaming of both Mickey as well as winning that ring and parents want to know how they can help.

Answer…..team gifts and spirit!

Going to Disney World for Summit is an EXPERIENCE and the athletes are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Teams will be decked out in lots of Summit gear showing off their gym spirit and their accomplishment of making it to the Summit.

Here are the top 5 ideas for great ways to pump up the team and get them ready.


Think of a cute idea and play off the theme. We’ve done root beer floats after practice, “We’re Rootin’ for You. Absolutely inexpensive and made the point that we support them 100% and know how hard they are working.


We all know the pressure gets intense as the Summit practices continue. Consider giving out small pick me ups to lift the athlete’s spirits after those hard, grueling practices. Nothing big or expensive but it let’s them know everyone is in this together. We love the #CHEERFITSTRONG bands as a reminder to our athletes that they are confident, strong, and can accomplish anything they set their mind to! 


 Florida is HOT! Team tanks are always a hit and a great easy way to commemorate the experience as well as make your team stand out. Lots of cute ideas on Pinterest and whether you focus on Summit or sporting your team name, it definitely bonds your athletes.


Teams come from all over including internationally to compete at the Summit so think about toothbrush holders, baggage tags, toiletry bags, uniform bags, etc. These gifts will not only promote spirit but come in very useful.


The athletes are bound to want to join in on the park fun so you might want to consider giving athletes items that they will NEED during park days. Items like fanny packs, drawstring bags, handheld fans, visors and sunglasses work great as spirit gifts.

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN, cherish the moments and make lots of memories!


Sally Paz is proud mom of Ava. While her “real” job is in educational administration, she spends a huge amount of her time doing the crazy cheer mom thing. Since 2015 when Ava began All-Star Cheer, she has been team mom for two years and a member of the Executive Board of the APEX Booster Club for one year. This year Ava will be competing at Summit in the Senior Coed 4.2 and the International Junior 3.

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