How to Deal with being Pulled from Jumps, Tumbling, Stunt Sequence, etc.

How to Deal with being Pulled from Jumps, Tumbling, Stunt Sequence, etc.

Your child has spent weeks working on choreography. They are super proud of their positions. One day he/she is pulled from a section and they are totally bummed about it. What can you do as a parent? What should they do as an athlete?

Here are a 3 tips to help you get through what seems like such a traumatic experience.


There are so many different elements that coaches and choreographers review and analyze when making formations. Understand choreographers and coaches consider height, previous position on the mat, stunt group strengths, and overall team benefits. Try to remember the movement is for the advantage of the team as a unit. Not all changes are punishment or due to lack of skill. If you understand the process, you will have no problem accepting the change.


Not all changes are punishment or due to lack of skill. Remember that cheerleading is a team sport; moves are made to benefit the team. Look at the change as positively affecting the entire team, not as a negative for you as an individual. As a parent you can find positives to help your athlete deal as well. My oldest daughter was moved to the back row for the dance section of a, routine. Of course, she took that as she wasn’t dancing well. It took me letting her know that the row in front of her was on the floor while she was up showing excitement and dancing full-out. Find a positive to boost your athlete.


Ask the coaches where extra work may be needed; not necessarily to gain the spot back, but to progress in skill to become a better cheerleader. Sign up for private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to get individual help. They also help increase confidence. Having one on one time can help an athlete gain a better understanding of what is required to improve in a specific skill.  Practice outside of team practice. Don’t wait until the team practice to work on skills. Team practice is usually already planned out by the coach. The athlete most likely wont even get a chance to work on an individual problem area. Take critique and apply. I always tell my athletes to not just say ok to the coach’s critique, but to apply it as well. You are sure to get positive results when you listen and adhere to feedback given to you.


Is owner and head coach Spirit Enhancers All Stars located in Portsmouth Va. Coach Kelli has been coaching for 17 years and gym owner for 11. She has received the “30 Under 30” coach of the year award awarded by Cheer ltd., top finalist for Ameri Cheer Coach of Year and 2016 choreography award recipient awarded by Eastern Cheer and Dance.

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Your Cheerleader’s Guide to Tumbling with Confidence

Your Cheerleader’s Guide to Tumbling with Confidence

If there is one thing to remember, it is that tumbling and confidence go hand in hand! If your cheerleader is lacking confidence, it will most definitely be seen in her tumbling. Tumbling is such a mental game, and you need all the support, motivation CONFIDENCE, to build strength in both body and mind!

Today, I am here to share my favorite tips and exercises to help YOU help your cheerleader build confidence!

So before we get started, let me share a little insight into why confidence is SO important for tumbling.  You see, the sport of cheerleading is very much focused on perfectionism. And our cheerleaders tend to think that if it is not perfect, it’s bad..NOT THE CASE! However, this mentality takes a toll on our cheerleaders and wears them down both physically and mentally! So let’s change that shall we??


Turbo lunges are a great exercise to build confidence in tumbling because they will help your cheerleader strengthen the muscles she needs to increase power, endurance, and strength! As your cheerleader builds the confidence in STRENGTH to supercharge her tumbling, guess what will also increase…her overall confidence!


Go for 15 reps x 3 rounds ..and if you do this with your cheerleader it will help her confidence even more!! *you can modify the exercise by taking out the jump


It is so important for your cheerleader (and you) to surround yourself with a positive group of people who lift you up! Having a go-to supportive community to share your goals, celebrate your wins, and root you on every step of the way is the #1 way to stay confidence, motivated, and supported! Looking for a supportive community of cheerleaders and parents – meet your CHEERFIT fam’! The CHEERFIT Family is our community of CHEERFIT  members and parents from around the world who support each other, celebrate success, understand the challenges, and motivate eachother every step of the way! This is an amazing community and we would love you and your cheerleader to be a part of it!

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Oh YES! The power of positive thinking is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

If you think it, you’ll believe it and make it happen. It all starts with those positive thoughts! So share your positive thoughts, goals, and wins every week in a journal or with your community! Surrounding yourself with people who understand your crazy cheer world and are excited to see you win is the key to helping your cheerleader build confidence! So start that positive thinking and share your goals with us: @cheerfittraining (IG)

And there you have it, my top 3 tips…time to help you cheerleader SUPERCHARGE her tumbling in 3,2,1…GO! Let me know your favorite tip, and share your confidence boosting tips in the comments below!


is the go-to fitness expert for the cheerleading industry and founder of CHEERFIT (www.cheerfittraining.com). Danielle holds national fitness certifications through the American Council on Exercise and specializes in sports conditioning, youth fitness, and group fitness as it pertains specifically to cheerleaders. Danielle has been featured on NBC,Inside Cheerleading Magazine, FITNESS Magazine, Livestrong, Yahoo Beauty, NY Post, American Cheerleader Magazine and more. Through fitness, Danielle focuses on helping cheerleaders build the confidence, strength, and flexibility they need to reach their goals and prevent injury.

The ABC’s of Stunting

The ABC’s of Stunting

They say, “education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” This quote could not ring more true not only in our schools, but in sports. The best cheerleading we see are from athletes who respect the basics and build a foundation of sustainable stunting, jumping, and tumbling.

In fact, it is one of the core values my business, Rah Rah Routines, focuses on when teaching stunt technique to organizations throughout the Northeast. It is imperative that we incorporate educational elements to promote positive habitual behavior during our stunt camps. This ensures that all athletes fully understand the concepts of performing basic to advanced stunts.


“If the mind doesn’t get it, the body can’t perform it — knowledge is power.”


With that, at the start of every stunt camp we host a competitive, multiple-choice-type of game that explains our stunting principles, or what we like to call The ABC’s of Stunting. With these simple ground rules, we reenforce the importance of safety and technique. This allows athletes to start building a solid foundation in cheerleading powered by knowledge and education.

While we can’t divulge all of our secrets, check out The ABC’s of Stunting and how this could help you become a more knowledgable stunter:

A = Awareness

Cheerleaders who have a safety-first mindset have a lower injury rate compared to their peers, and have tremendous growth and improvement in cheerleading skills. Athletes who are aware of their physical and emotional surroundings learn from teachable moments and fully understand that safety is a top priority.

B = Body Control

Cheerleaders who learn how to correctly use their muscles and bodies can improve overall health and the technique of the stunting skills performed. And that’s exactly why, Founder Danielle, created CHEERFIT. A demonstration of good body control is when a flyer can keep their hips squared to enhance their tightness and balance when in the air or when an athlete finishes a backhandspring with a hollow body, engaging the core.

C = Communication

I strongly believe that most of the stunting mistakes that happen are because of a lack of communication, such as miscounting or listening distractions. Effective and efficient communication among teammates leads to superior teamwork and improved listening skills. This enhances their success rate to achieve more advanced stunts and progress to higher competitive levels.

And there you have it. Comment below to let us know which tip was most helpful, and if you have a tip you’d like to share..leave it in the comments!

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Happy Workout! Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite exercise of this workout is!


Christina Hernandez — Founder & Head Choreographer; Rah Rah Routines

is a cheerleading and tumbling aficionado who has led senior-level all star teams to multiple local, regional and national titles and has more than 25 years of experience as a Pop Warner, high school and all star cheerleader. She is contracted to work as a tumble instructor at several cheer and dance organizations in New Jersey, and is a longstanding choreographer for reputable recreation, high school, and all–star competitive teams throughout the Northeast region. She is a member of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA), USASF, and NFHS. Christina is USASF certified in Building and Tumbling Levels 1-5, and assists USASF in credentialing other all star coaches. She is a certified Varsity judge for all-star competitions, and a freelance writer for Cheer Professional magazine.

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The Top 4 Tips to Build Confidence in Tumbling

The Top 4 Tips to Build Confidence in Tumbling


(…and it’s exactly what helped me!)

“How can I build confidence for tumbling?”

This is a question I get ALL the time! And since we’re all about helping our CHEERFIT fam’ stay motivated, overcome challenges and reach their goals, I put together this bonus workout for you guys! It’s jam-packed (to the max) with my favorite tumbling exercises and insider tips!

August Workout Schedule


Hey There!

August is the time to get back into your routines, rev up the energy and kick it up a notch!  We’re here to motivate you every step of the way…which is exactly why we created this handy, dandy, workout schedule and progress tracker!  Each day, we’ll feature one special CHEERFIT exercise or workout plan that you can progress each week! You can track your reps and progress to see all your success! *parents, we suggest you do this with your kids too :  )

This month we are focusing on building confidence for tumbling! We are here to help you and your cheerleaders work through that mental block, power up that tumbling, and boost that confidence! So follow along each day, and check the CLUB for bonus exercises and videos! *Check off each day of the workout plan as you complete the exercise of that day! This is the perfect way to track your progress and see your success! Now let’s get #cheerfitstrong! 

Side Effect: Extreme confidence boost and mega progress are common results of completing the CHEERFIT workouts : ) 

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The 4 Best Exercises for getting Fit this Summer

The 4 Best Exercises for getting Fit this Summer

Ok so I hear ya – it’s Summer time! While we hit the beach and enjoy the sun… Let’s get ready to STAY FIT AND CHEERFIT STRONG  THIS SUMMER! Although we are taking a break from cheering, doesn’t mean we need to take a break from staying fit and healthy! Cheering season is right around the corner and we (along with your CHEERFIT FAM) want to help you make this Summer your best one yet! These favorite exercises will definitely help you ROCK this Summer!! Are you ready to get CHEERFIT STRONG this Summer?? (more…)