Today we get to share the Transformation story of Mariah Hutton, one spunky, sassy, and all around awesome CHEERFIT Ambassador who even on her off days is working hard! We are thrilled to share Mariah’s transformation story both in and outside the gym. Mariah’s mom shares, “I am Mariah’s biggest cheerleader and she is not only an inspiration to others, she is my inspiration as well!”

She has inspired me to work out, work hard, and never give up”! From flying to basing, Mariah does it all!

Mariah is the definition of CHEERFIT STRONG and today we are excited to share her CHEERFIT journey with you! 



1. My Favorite Part of being a CHEERFIT AMBASSADOR: is being a part of a community of leaders who truly love what they do and who lift each other up and inspire each other

2. Being a CHEERFIT AMBASSADOR has helped me: helped me with my strength and endurance. Because I am basing and flying this year, the CHEERFIT Workouts have helped me build strength for both! I really have gained more confidence than ever!

3.Fun Fact: I even get my mom to do some of these workouts with me!

FAVORITE QUOTE:  Hard work and Dedication Pays off!” 

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Success stories just lift us up and we are SO PROUD of all that Mariah has accomplished! From feeling insecure to building confidence and inspiring others, Mariah’s transformation is one amazing journey! We are so proud of you girl and can’t want to see all the things you accomplish both in and outside of the gym <3

Cheers to being #CHEERFITSTRONG!


Danielle & Your CHEERFIT Fam

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